New Year Musical Night with Subani Moktan and Himalayan Band

By Tarang Entertainment and Hamro Event Solutions (other events)

Saturday, April 27 2024 7:00 PM 11:00 PM CDT

New Year Musical Night with Subani Moktan and our own Chi-Town Himalayan Band. Subani Mokt(Daughter of Kunti Moktan) will be a cherished occasion that elevates the love for music to new heights. Subani's presence will bring a unique magic, her voice weaving through the room, touching hearts and stirring emotions.

As Subani performs, her passion for music shines through, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone present. Her songs resonate with the audience, evoking nostalgia, joy, and sometimes even tears, as each note carries a story of its own.

The night will become a tapestry of melodies and memories, with Subani's music serving as the soundtrack to moments of togetherness and love. It's a time to celebrate the bonds that unite us, strengthened by the power of music and the warmth of friendship and family. Please join us at Miraj Restaurant at Niles on April 27th on 7 pm onwards.... 

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Ticket - $50 per person which includes Meet&Greet with Subani Moktan and Dinner. 

When:- April 27th, 2024

Time:- 7pm onwards..

Address:- Miraj Restaurant, 8801 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL 60714.

See you all!!! Let's have Fun!!!

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